Like many of Baltimore’s gems, Reservoir Hill’s Village Thrift will catch you by surprise. The architecture lands somewhere between warehouse and minimum-security prison, but if you talk yourself through the doors you’ll step into a whirl of great fabric and sweet deals.

I just started living in the Bolton Hill area with some people I know at MICA, and when I asked them where to look for clothes they all pointed me to Village Thrift.  It’s a MICA favorite because the threads look good and the prices are decent even for art students. And the best part? It’s right on West North, only a five minute walk from the main campus, and even closer to a lot of the houses in Bolton Hill. I walked out of my door eating a banana and still had a couple bites left by the time I was in their parking lot.

I have a tough time imagining something you couldn’t find at this place.  I saw bikes, pots, pans, rotary phones, stuffed animals and at least one copy of Three Ninjas on VHS. It’s also nice because you can find shirts there under “XXXL” and some stuff acceptable in social settings outside a Wham City apartment show.

Village Thrift pulls a cool cultural blend from the surrounding area – Bolton Hill on one side, Reservoir on the other, and that really shows in the selection and the service they give you.

These girls were really helpful in showing me around, and they even let me shoot their picture.

Baltimore Fishbowl summer intern Moses Hubbard attends Fordham University.