Greedy Reads, a New Indie Bookstore, is Coming to Fells Point

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Image via Greedy Reads’ Facebook page.

After spending years in the New York publishing world as a publicist and marketer, Julia Fleischaker says it was a dream of hers to open a bookstore.

She found just the spot in Fells Point, in a corner store at 1744 Aliceanna St. The store, which is set to open in late February, will be called Greedy Reads –the idea being that all the great titles will make shoppers want to devour as much as possible.

The news was first reported by Carley Milligan at the Baltimore Business Journal.

While in New York, Fleischaker worked at the major publishing house Penguin before taking a position at the smaller Melville House, a more progressive publisher of literary fiction and nonfiction whose recent titles include “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” and “A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment,” to name a few.

She says that breadth of experience will inform the titles she carries in her shop.

“Taken together, it gives me a really great vantage point of how many great books are out there, and how many get undeservedly ignored,” she told Baltimore Fishbowl over the phone.

While opening a bookstore in the age of Amazon may be a daunting task, Fleischaker says the positive feedback from around Fells Point shows the demand is there.

“The response I’ve gotten is so amazing,” she says, “and it really quashed any doubts I may have had.”

After moving back to the area to be closer to family in Washington D.C., Fleischaker says she fell in love with the spirit and community feel of Baltimore –as well as some of its independent bookstores, such as the Ivy Bookshop, Atomic Books and Red Emma’s. She was surprised to see there wasn’t a similar outpost for avid readers in Southeast Baltimore.

“It has all the things you want going for it, including a lot of foot traffic,” she has.

Finding the Aliceanna Street location, with its blue and red stained glass, sealed the deal.

With her experience at a small press, Fleischaker says one of her main goals is to connect readers with titles that might fly under the radar.

“There are a lot of good books out there,” she says. “So I want you to come in and find a book that will help you discover the world, or help you escape the world.”

Brandon Weigel

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  1. Gorilla King Comics
    1711 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD

    Isn’t the incoming shop supposed to be at 1744 Aliceanna? Google maps says that’s 350 feet away.

    Gorilla King is a good store run by great folks. They carry single issues, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and prose novels.

    I wish Ms. F all the luck and success she could want–more books are good books! It just doesn’t sit well with me that she ‘fell in love with Baltimore’ without walking the block around her new location, or is misrepresenting the bookshop-landscape here in Baltimore to shortchange a competitor, or perhaps doesn’t see the comic shop as a place where her clientele would go?

    I’m unsure what to make of this situation, but Gorilla King’s team are good folks whose work and efforts here in Baltimore should not be glossed over.

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