Green Dry Cleaner, Acupuncture to Remington Row

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Remington Row (Hord Coplan Macht)
Remington Row (Hord Coplan Macht)

The next Remington project from Seawall Development is 90 percent filled; the developer said Thursday.

The Remington Ave. building, located near the big metal “R” that was installed last year, was already slated to house Johns Hopkins Community Physicians on the second floor. Today, word came on the first floor, which is designed for walk-up retail. The upper floors will include apartments and related amenities.

Seawall continued its approach to include community input, which began three years ago.

“What started as a listening exercise has resulted in Remington securing a really well-rounded group of services and goods for the neighborhood. Of course, free visitor parking in the underground garage is a huge bonus,” Seawall Partner Thibault Manekin said.

Here’s what’s coming:

  • Rite Aid
  • Balance, the Salon, a men’s and women’s salon that also features local photography on the walls;
  • Mend Acupuncture, a second location that will be the primary location of the clinic, which is currently in Hampden;
  • Remington Cleaners, a green dry cleaning service with organic, non-toxic laundry services.

Another 2,000 sq. ft. is currently available.

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