Even though he likes to glad-hand with Bill Clinton in public, Anthony Brown has been quietly sliding plenty of attack ads into the Maryland governor’s race. On Friday, the lieutenant governor’s campaign came out all guns blazing. With giant assault rifles, Brown looks to show that Hogan opposes gun control measures. He’s also taking the mudslinging to another level.

The ad shows the guns in a park, a grocery store and an office. It’s all supposed to show that Hogan’s views on gun control would allow the assault weapons on the streets and in public. Cue the ominous music:

For those warnings to play out, Hogan would have to convince Maryland’s legislature to overturn the strict gun control law that was passed last year, and upheld in August. No matter the details, Brown’s ad is clearly only concerned about a short-range target: Election Day.

Hogan has already held a press conference to complain about Brown’s tactics, offered his daughter as a character witness and even aired an attack ad to counter Brown’s attack ads. Several observers pointed out that the ads are starting to make Brown look desperate. And yet, the mud hasn’t stopped. With the latest ad, it seems like the Brown campaign’s trigger fingers are only getting itchier.

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.