Hamilton Bakery Set to Close

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Get 'em while they last (via Hamilton Bakery)
Get ’em while they last (via Hamilton Bakery)

One of the Harford Road small businesses that gives Hamilton its charm is set to close.

Hamilton Bakery is set to shut down any day now, owner Ruben Hernandez said in a blog post. Hernandez is set to retire, or “semi-retire,” as he put it. The bakery has been open for seven years. Recently, Hernandez took a vacation and decided he liked being off.

“As much as I enjoy golf and long naps this is an extremely difficult and emotional decision,” he wrote. “So much so that I made the choice a few months ago but could only now bring myself to make the announcement.”

Hernandez said he is looking to give the staff a little more time to find new work before closing for good. He offered thanks to the neighborhood, and indicated his departure doesn’t mean a bakery can’t make a go of it in the spot.

“We have hopes that we can get another bakery or coffee shop to rent the space. If you have any contacts, send them our way,” Hernandez wrote.


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