A Happy Prom Story at Arundel High School

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Pat Shea, Arundel High's prom king, with his date. Photo via the Capital Gazette
Pat Shea, Arundel High’s prom king, with his date Carolyn Pitt. Photo via the Capital Gazette


When Pat Shea started out at Arundel High School, his mom was a little worried. Shea is developmentally disabled, and she was concerned about bullying. But Pat’s experience was actually the opposite: The kids were so kind to him,” Valerie Shea told the Capital Gazette. Pat was even elected prom king earlier this month, thanks in part to a grassroots Twitter campaign.

The hashtag #PatSheaforPromKing was started by University of Maryland sophomore Carolyn Pitt, who had befriended Shea through the high school’s Best Buddies program–and who was Shea’s prom date. The hashtag took off, and on prom night Shea won “by a landslide,” according to Pitt.  This story has been making me happy all day–it’s like Carrie,except that everyone is kind and supportive. On second thought, it’s not like Carrie at all!

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