Last night, the stories on the Harbaugh Bowl, or the Har-Bowl as the San Jose Mercury News calls it, started appearing all over the internet. Just in case you haven’t heard about the historic match-up (have you been in a coma?) between the two brothers, we thought we’d share our findings. As the Baltimore Sun points out, every radio show and website seems to be touching on the game between Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh, 49, and San Francisco 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh, 48. But as the San Francisco Chronicle explains, this isn’t the first time the two brothers have competed against each other. There was a baseball game back when they were teenagers (John’s team won). Our favorite detail comes from the Atlanta Constitution, which had this quote from Jim: “It’s very considerate of the NFL to fly us out there,” the devilish younger brother said, “I haven’t seen him on Thanksgiving in I don’t know how many years.”

You know who we’re rooting for.