Here’s What You Should Do Instead of Arguing About Ray Rice

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After months of controversy following TMZ’s release of a video showing Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator, things got even more intense yesterday: TMZ released further footage showing the roundhouse punch Rice delivered. An internet storm of bad publicity ensued. By the end of the day, Rice’s contract with the Ravens had been terminated. Reactions have included mockery, glee, and anger.

But is there a way to channel all the chatter into something that might actually make the world a better place? I’m glad you asked!

Hersh’s Pizza & Drinks in Highlandtown announced on Facebook that they’d provide free pizzas to anyone who brought in a Ray Rice jersey. “These jerseys will save us money on toilet paper this week,” they said. Oh, and for every jersey they receive, Hersh’s will donate $2.70 to House of Ruth, an intimate partner violence center. Awesome.

Speaking of House of Ruth, another Baltimore campaign is asking football fans to raise money at their weekly game-watching parties, and then providing weekly donations to HoR. “Acts of domestic violence and the lens through which they are viewed are no longer acceptable and will not be tolerated within universally recognized institutions (I’m looking at you, NFL). Because boycotting and/or divesting at our level would likely have little/no impact, we choose to invest in the efforts of a nationally recognized organization that provides immediate support to victims and advocates for systemic and legislative change,” they write. Also awesome.

So instead of spending more of your brain space thinking about Ray Rice, why not put a little bit of your time and money toward the very good cause of helping out people at risk for intimate partner violence? HoR is happy to take your volunteer time, monetary donations, or useful supplies. There, doesn’t that feel better than getting into an argument on the internet?


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