If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you may have come across the State Department’s travel advisories. You know, like “No part of Syria should be considered immune from violence,” or “U.S. citizens crossing into North Korea, even accidentally, have been subject to arbitrary arrest and long-term detention.” Well, the Washington Post had the brilliant idea of checking out what other countries warn their citizens about America — and it turns out they’re scared of pretty much every decent-sized city along the Eastern Seaboard.

Here’s what the Post uncovered:

New York: Be wary in Times Square and at the Statue of Liberty, and don’t go to Harlem, the Bronx or Central Park at night.

Washington: Northeast and Southeast should be avoided, and Union Station is dangerous at night. “Le quartier Anacostia n’est pas recommandable de jour comme de nuit.” Translation: Don’t go to Anacostia, day or night.

Baltimore: “Considered a dangerous city except downtown.”

Richmond: “Do not visit the city on foot.”

Detroit: “The center is not recommended after the close of business.”

Chicago: Stay away from the West Side and anywhere south of 59th Street

The French Consulate also cautions its citizens that “Due to the current international context and the sensitivity of the American public, it is advisable to our compatriots to exercise restraint in conversations on topics [of terrorism, crime, and security] in public places.”

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2 replies on “Hey, Baltimore — France is Afraid of You”

  1. Ne pas marcher deux blocs dans le mauvais sens.

    I live in Baltimore and I agree with the French assessment. BTW, ‘downtown’ is shrinking.

  2. Okay, that’s just funny, especially the “considered a dangerous city except downtown”. EXCEPT downtown? Don’t they watch “The Wire” in France?

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