Green Mount Cemetery Sphere
Green Mount Cemetery Sphere

Do you ever use Baltimore and beautiful in the same sentence? Well, we do — we make a point of it. With so much emphasis on the gritty, we forget the prettiness that really does abound in our city. To remedy this, we’ve asked our roving photographer, Tyler Merbler, to capture one beautiful shot of the city each weekday. Watch for “Beautimore” five days a week. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you see. -The Eds.

3 replies on “Hey Baltimore: You’re Beautiful!”

  1. also the pictures may inspire readers to visit the sites featured. I am intrigued by this sphere.

  2. Great concept — you should maybe even have a contest, where your readers can submit their pictures as well?

  3. I always use those words in a sentence. I used them today over looking the harbor east at lunch with a friend.

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