Waverly Brewing
Waverly Brewing
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Local breweries seem to be multiplying, but Baltimore’s expansion isn’t limited to a single neighborhood. Just look at last week’s news out of Pigtown. With the breweries spread out and the fact that drinking is involved, someone was bound to start a tour. Turns out, that business model already exists in other cities, and they’re bringing it here.

After brew lovers guzzle through Burlington, VT; Boston, Philly and DC, City Brew Tours is set to debut next month in Baltimore. The tours are $85-90 a person, and feature 15 tastings, plus a meal. And of course, the built-in ride via passenger van keeps folks off the road as they get deeper into scene.

It’ll take local beer fans through some of the newest spots in town. In the last year, Oliver also opened a new brewery in Northeast Baltimore, Waverly Brewing settled down in Woodberry and Brewhouse No. 16 sounded the alarm in Mt. Vernon. Charm City Meadworks and Heavy Seas are also on the list. Plus, they’ll stop at Peabody Heights, which is home to Raven, Old Oriole Park and Monument City (for now).

The tours feature visits to at least 3-4 of those spots, with the constant being a three-course meal at Brewhouse No. 16.

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