We spotted super-cool Sue through the trees on a sidewalk in Hampden one cold October afternoon. Her orange boots jumped out at us. She giggled when we asked if we could take her picture. When I told her she had much style going on, she gave me the full details of her look without further prompting!

Hampden Sue

Your outfit is so colorful and confident.

Well the orange boots came from a yard sale. They were 50 cents. The jeans and pink sweater were from the St. David’s (in Roland Park) thrift sale — $5 for a bag of stuff. And the coat is from the Salvation Army. The purse I don’t remember. I just love leopard.

The coat looks real!

I know.

Do you work around here?

I volunteer and work for different organizations: Hampden Family, Highland Elementary School, Friends of Roland Park Water Tower, St. Mary’s outreach program and a few more…

You are a busy lady. Do you enjoy fashion?

Oh, I don’t like designer names even though I did own a great pair of Lily Pulitzer pants once. I loved them. Very colorful.

So your style is all about color?

Yes, but most of the time my look is very classic and tailored.