Hitchock, presumably, finishing his Thanksgiving leftovers.

It’s not December quite yet, so you have every right to continue any cynicism, anger or bitterness you may have been holding onto all year for another few days.  Get it out of your system now, though, before you’re accused of being the Grinch or find out you’ve been placed on the Naughty List.  I, personally, hung up my stockings and decorated my tree while watching Dexter, in hopes of counteracting my preemptive holiday spirit.

Tonight you can get in a solid dose of suspense, malice and murder before transitioning over into Holiday Cheer 24/7 by going to see Hitchock’s Strangers on a Train at the Charles Theatre at 9:00pm.  It’s hard to find a true suspense film these days, and seeing one in theaters is a huge feat and minor miracle.  Strangers on a Train, while one of Hitchcock’s lesser-known films, seamlessly weaves together an otherwise absurd plot in the way that no other filmmaker has been able to successfully emulate.  The man is a master and seeing his films on the big screen is a unique and rare experience.

The Charles Theater
1711 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD

November 29, 2012

Because you’d be able to see the work of a cinematic genius in a theater, the way he intended.  And because it is only a matter of days before you have to watch endless holiday movies.