Hogan Wants to “Hit the ‘Pause’ Button on Common Core”

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Larry Hogan doesn't like Common Core

When the Washington Post‘ s Valerie Strauss asked a Gov. Larry Hogan spokeswoman what the governor planned to do about Maryland’s commitment to Common Core and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, this was the email reply:

“Governor Hogan believes that we need to hit the ‘pause’ button on Common Core and give control back to teachers and parents.”

That’s a strong statement. And no doubt a welcome sentiment to both liberals and conservatives who have found plenty to complain about in the recently implemented Common Core State Standards. But there’s only so much the governor can do alone. Or rather, there’s nothing he can do alone.

Hogan is up against a state superintendent, Lillian Lowery, who rather likes both Common Core and PARCC and whose “efforts are focused on continuing this work.”

Strauss goes into some detail as to what exactly Hogan would have to do get a Board of Education that agrees with him. It involves waiting for certain members’ terms to end and replacing them with Common Core haters, then using the new anti-Common Core Board of Ed to choose a new state superintendent when Lowery’s term finishes in 2016.

It serves to show just how tricky it is to back out of this kind of commitment.

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