After Hogan Win, We Need to Replenish Our Public Campaign Funds

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Hogan's acceptance speech (via WJZ-TV)
Hogan’s acceptance speech (via WJZ-TV)

One of the heartening things about Gov. Larry Hogan’s election is that it was achieved with public financing, a first for Maryland. And he has a mind to refill the coffers to ensure its availability to grassroots candidates in future elections.

The Fair Campaign Finance Fund was built up with donations collected via a check-box on state residents’ tax returns up until 2010. After Hogan’s election the FCFF  is “mostly bankrupt,” says Common Cause Maryland. To fix that, Hogan and Del. Eric Luedtke each proposed a separate bill to the House Ways and Means Committee that seeks to replenish the FCFF, according to Maryland Reporter.

Both bills involve returning the check-box to state tax returns. Luedtke’s bill provides for a “small donor financing” system that would allow contributions to be matched several times over by the state.

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