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Home Buyers’ 7 Biggest Regrets: How Many Will Haunt You?

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Buying a home has its vastly rewarding moments, of course, but it can also be a long road paved with sinkhole-size regrets.

And no one knows this better than homeowners who’ve been through the process of buying a home (or renting an apartment) and, now looking back, have the perspective to see what they did right—and what they did desperately, disastrously wrong.*

So if you’re in that oh-so-exciting phase where you’re home shopping, be sure to check out these stories of home buyers’ biggest areas of remorse. And avoid stumbling into the same traps!

Regret No. 1: Putting off house hunting until the last minute

“My biggest mistake was not starting the search for a house sooner,” declares Washington, DC, resident Aimee Agresti. “We didn’t begin until we had really already outgrown our condo.”

Two young sons, ages 4 and 1, were crammed with her and her husband into a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment that had gotten chaotic fast. Yet their “speed house searching” in suburban Maryland was more like a crawl.

“It took so long that at one point, we actually made an offer on a house we didn’t love just because we were so desperate to get out of our place,” she says. “We were definitely not in the best state of mind to be making huge life-changing decisions. Thankfully we managed to get out of that deal and waited a little longer, and the right place finally came along.” But it could have easily gone the other way.

Regret No. 2: Overlooking schools, even if you don’t have kids

Despite a long list of wants for their first home, Kim Maggio and her husband didn’t prioritize finding a property in a top public school system when they moved from Boston to Haverhill, MA in 2006—after all, she had just become pregnant.

“We went into our […] Click to view article.

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