Home Coffee Workshop at Artifact

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catch of the day fish (2)First, we all had the classic Mr.Coffee drip machine. Then, the more sophisticated of us upgraded to French press. A few holdovers stuck with their grandmothers’ percolators. Meanwhile, home espresso machines totally became a thing– followed by two opposite ends of the spectrum: the Keurig and the pour over. And where does that leave us we now? Well, mostly just ordering our usual at the coffee shop, rather than trying to figure out how we should be making our coffee ourselves. But thankfully, there are people out there who’ve got it all figured out. And they’re not just keeping it to themselves. Artifact’s Coffee Director David Anderson will be sharing all his tips and tricks this week for making the perfect cup of coffee at home. Of course, we all believe we know something about making the perfect cup. We religiously keep the beans in the freezer. Or we grind them ourselves to the perfect coarseness. We devote ourselves to French roast, or single origin or locally roasted. But can we really back any of that up? Anderson can. His workshop will focus on everything from choosing the right beans, to how and when to grind, and how much coffee you need to brew to the perfect strength. It’s a rare opportunity to get this info from an expert– and a coffee recipe card to take home to boot.

Artifact Home Coffee workshop takes place Tuesday, April 14th at 6pm. Artifact Coffee is located at 1500 Union Avenue in Baltimore. For more information, visit www.artifactcoffee.com.

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