Hopkins Professors Distance Themselves From Colleague’s Report on Gender and Sexuality

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Johns Hopkins UniversityA report on LGBTQ health authored by one current Hopkins professor and another former professor at the school is drawing rebukes from faculty members.
The report, published in the New Atlantis, asserts that there is no evidence that homosexuality is a “biologically fixed property,” and “a skeptical view toward the claim that sex-reassignment procedures provide the hoped-for benefits.”

In the Sun op-ed, three Bloomberg School of Public Health faculty members wrote an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun this week, disavowing the report. Chris Breyer, Robert W. Blum and Tonia C. Poteat say the report misses advances on scientific literature and could “further stigmatize and harm the health of LGBTQ communities, and the report is already being widely touted by organizations opposed to LGBTQ rights.”

They also point out that debate is part of the academic process, and write that the situation calls for dialogue rather than “standing silently by.”

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