Hopkins Zika Virus Hackathon Yields Novel Ideas

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Image by Beth Herlin
Image by Beth Herlin

In 2014, Johns Hopkins invited engineers, doctors, and one wedding-dress designer to get together to make a better anti-Ebola suit. Recently, they assembled a similar group of creative thinkers to come up with ways to curb mosquito-borne diseases, such as Zika fever. 

The group — which included high-school students, Brazilian public health experts, and representatives from the Armed Forces Pest Management Board and the USDA, in addition to the standard engineers and scientists — produced several promising concepts.

A few, via The Hub:

+ A mosquito-trap monitoring system that provides a city with a mosquito-activity heat map.

+ Mosquito repellent fashion accessories.

+ A mosquito-repellent combination body and laundry soap for everyday use.

+ A mosquito repellent banner to be hung at sporting events.

These ideas will be refined by the group over the next three months.

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