Laid-off hospitality workers to protest at City Hall tomorrow, Sept. 15

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Photo by Wally Gobetz, via Flickr

Laid off hospitality workers who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus from the Hyatt Hotel, Marriott Waterfront, and other workplaces will protest at City Hall on Tuesday, September 15 at 1 p.m. They are calling on Mayor Young and the City Council to pass legislation to require hotel, event center, and commercial property owners to bring back the same employees let go before the crisis as they reopen or restore operations.

Right now, many thousands of Baltimore workers are laid off due to the pandemic. Among the hardest hit are hotel workers, event center workers, janitors, and security guards – many of whom are Black, people of color, and women – whose workplaces have completely or partially shut down.

Councilmember Kristerfer Burnett is sponsoring two bills to protect the workers: COVID 19 Laid-Off Employees Right of Recall and COVID-19 Employee Retention. The City Council’s labor committee is expected to vote on both bills on Thursday.

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