Photo via Twitter/@MayorSRB
Photo via Twitter/@MayorSRB

Have you heard the phrase “meds and eds”? It refers to the idea that hospitals and universities are the institutions with the money and power to revitalize struggling cities. Baltimore has a wealth of both.

The Baltimore City Anchor Plan is a formalization of Baltimore’s plans for meds and eds-based development. The eight hospitals and universities that signed on to the plan this week promised to prioritize four areas: public safety, local hiring, local purchasing, and quality of life in the city.

The institutions that have pledged to help with the initiative include Johns Hopkins, Coppin State, Loyola, MICA, Morgan State, Notre Dame, the University of Baltimore, and Bon Secours. No word as to why Goucher and Stevenson aren’t participating.

While we’re happy to hear of more organizations planning to invest directly in the city, plenty of urban planning experts are skeptical of the meds and eds model — in part because the costs of health care and college tuition have been rising at unsustainable rates, and may be due for a crash. But, well, we’ll worry about that later.

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  1. Goucher and Stevenson likely are not participating because they are not located in Baltimore City.

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