Mint chocolate chip ice cream and white shorts: Some things never go out of style. All photos by Lee Kriel.

Summer style on a sultry night.

Teen Vogue: Maddie et Jenne 

Maddie: Shorts – Banana Republic, Shirt – Target, Necklace – Nordstrom, Shoes – American Eagle

Jenne: Dress and Belt – French chic! (Visiting for two weeks from France.)

The Little Black Dress in Summer

Darien DommelShoes – Enzi Angiolini, Dress – Banana Republic, Necklace – Diva Boutique in Annapolis

Wherefore Art Thou?

Al and Ed: Members of the “ROMEO” club (really old men eating out) eating ice cream on the “Ego Wall” in Annapolis.

Keeping It Cool When It’s Hot

Andrea Ellard and Reggie Williams

Andrea: Shoes -Loehmann’s, Dress – Sears

Reggie: Watch – Invicita

The Bros. 

Blake, Andrew, and Matt 

Blake: Rainbow flip – flops, Andrew: Old Navy  seersucker shorts, Matt – Under Armour socks with navy Vans

The Best Accessory 

Mark and his Lab.

Tennis ball by Wilson.

Pick-up Artist