Small businesses and non-profits are especially hard hit during the coronavirus outbreak. We get it! Baltimore Fishbowl is a small business, too. To help small businesses and non-profits, we will provide regular updates to let you know how they are coping. 

The following is an update from Dominique Youngblood, Owner of JuneNique Wig Boutique, LLC, on how she is adapting and coping during these times.

How have you altered your business to adapt to the quarantine?

I have conducted virtual consultations to help women with natural hair tips during this quarantine, helping to educate them, and having open/fun discussions.

Are you doing something for the community or your employees that you want to share with our readers?

I have used my wig boxes that I’d normally use to ship wigs to customers and stuffed them with tons of personal care items for women and children. I was determined to be of service to my community one way or another. I have donated care boxes to Parkview Recreation Center in Baltimore City, and Greenmount West Community Center After School Program. I have lowered all prices on my hair menu to make them affordable for families. I’ve even styled children and the elderly community for free, just to pass on my blessing. I will keep my prices discounted for the remainder of the summer, as I know many people are still trying to get back on their feet. I have taken on new clients including teachers, waitresses, child care providers, college students, and several others who may have been out of work.

What is the status of your employees? 

I am currently working for myself. I have no employees. I enjoy managing my own schedule and building that one-on-one relationship with each client. Financially, I am also trying to get back on my feet, but I am more focused on serving my community and making sure I can help anyone in need by doing what I love.

How can our readers help you get through the crisis?

If you or anyone you know is in need of natural hair maintenance, kids’ hairstyling, or would like to purchase a wig, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I take evening and weekend appointments.

You can book appointments or consultations directly on my booking site at

How are you coping, personally? 

I am also a full-time employee of the State of Maryland. I decided to turn my hobby and my craft into my business. It gets overwhelming balancing the two at times, but I genuinely enjoy helping people. I am a woman, and I know how important it is for a woman to feel good on the inside and out. I do believe that giving money is not the only way you can bless someone. God gave me this gift and I knew I had to use it to bless others during this time. That’s what makes me feel complete. If I am not styling someone’s hair, then I am working on a wig. I have used my craft as my mental outlet through everything that is going on.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

My one-year anniversary for my business is on the 4th of July. Starting July 5th, I will be open for business in a private salon suite in East Baltimore City. My suite will be located inside of The Dollhouse Beauty Bar located at 5019 Belair Road in Baltimore. This has been a goal of mine for months. However, I will continue offering mobile services to elderly clients that still need natural hair maintenance.

I have also partnered with my father, Van Youngblood a new retiree of Baltimore County Public School System, to give each new client a complimentary t-shirt to stand for racial equality and to support the Black Lives Matter movement. My dad recently started a t-shirt business during quarantine, Ray’s Custom Apparel LLC, and also loves to give back to the community.

Learn more about Dominque and what inspired her to start her business last year by visiting her website or checking out her Instagram Page or Facebook Page.

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