On The Wall: A Touch of Gray

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”Point of View”, Pastel on Canvas, 40 x 40 in.

Typically regarded as a neutral, gray is anything but dull. Many may have dismissed it as merely a shade, however with recent rise to prominence in home interiors, gray’s dynamic subtlety is finally getting the praise and attention it deserves. With boundless versatility and the ability to complement literally all hues, gray is a vital color in any palette. Choosing a wintery floral set in the gray of woods adds a unique dimension when placed strategically between two windows in a comfortable and collected space.



An abstract piece with organic forms can contrast against the stark lines of an angular wall, while being unified by similar Grey gradient elements within the room.


“Transcending Grey”, Mixed Media on Canvas, 66 x 60 in.

Evoke a feeling of luxury by placing an abstract portrait with varied shades of muted Grey against a darker deep hue.

“Sunday”, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 48 in.


If you simply cannot determine what to do with a blank wall within your home, bet safe with a touch of Grey. Whether using it minimally or creating an entire space around the color, Grey has proven that it’s adaptability can suit any mood within any room.


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