HuffPo Travel Section Attempts to Tackle Baltimore

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You know, I’m all for off-the-beaten path tourist recommendations. If visitors to Baltimore see only the Inner Harbor, they’ll get the incorrect impression that our fair city resembles an outdoor mall and smells kind of funny. So when I read that the Huffington Post was promising readers a tour of “10 patriotic and peculiar” places in Baltimore, I was excited to see what they’d picked.

Turns out, I should’ve lowered my expectations a little bit. The “quirky, unsung” spots that HuffPo wants you to visit include the American Visionary Art Museum (quirky, yes; unsung, not exactly), Fells Point (um, neither), and Ft. McHenry (ditto). So much for secret spots.

And yes, of course, the HuffPo travel writer succumbs to classic Baltimore cliche, insisting on how “offbeat” and “quirky” the city is, while not exactly offering any suggestions deserving of the adjectives. These days, I guess they’re just verbal tics for any travel writer stopping by on their way up I95. (At least there’s no mention of beehive hairdos.)

What off-the-beaten-path Baltimore destinations do you like to point visitors toward?

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  1. Samos Restaurant. Peabody Library. Waverly Market on Sat. Aquarium (not off beat, but often overlooked). Sherwood Gardens (Springtime)

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