According to the Washington Post, O’Malley sent highlighted sections of a Rolling Stone Bruce Springsteen interview around the Maryland State House as an email memo yesterday. WP went on to point out that O’Malley is known to quote Boss lyrics in his political speeches. That rules! Springsteen has loads of quotable lines. Now, I’m not sure what the governor has been using, but I’d like to suggest these adapted lyrics from “Born to Run”:

“Wendy let me in I wanna be your friend
I want to guard your dreams and [windfarms]”

or these from “Badlands”:

“I don’t give a damn
For the same old played out scenes
I don’t give a damn
For just the in betweens
Honey, I want the heart, I want the soul
I want [the presidency in 2016]”

You think he’s ever considered quoting Springsteen’s meandering, political between-song banter?

By the way, in case you were wondering, one of the highlighted portions in the memo was this insightful, political statement from Springsteen:

“Lately, it seems as if the polarization of the country has gotten so extreme that people want to force you into either being a phony ‘patriot’ or an ‘apologist.’ Nuanced political dialogue or creative expression seems like it’s been hamstrung by the decay of political speech and it’s infantilized our national discourse.”