PS4 cupcake by Stephen Rushbrook
PS4 cupcake by Stephen Rushbrook

If someone on your Christmas list really wants a PlayStation 4 — and you haven’t already procured one — you might want to start pushing him or her toward an XBox One. According to the Baltimore Sun, the PS 4 is likely sold out at all local stores. Even Best Buy has sold out of the coveted item on its website. Wal-Mart promises to have the $400 console back in stock by Jan. 10, if you don’t mind stuffing stockings with IOUs.

The $500-and-up XBox One, on the other hand, is still available at most area Best Buys (but doesn’t the very fact that it’s still available make it suddenly so much less appealing than the PS 4?).

If that doesn’t work for you, you could set some time aside today for a quick “true meaning of Christmas” lecture to soften tomorrow’s disappointment.

On the other hand, if you feel like embarking on what could be the premise of a holiday comedy of errors, you might try spending your Christmas Eve craigslisting the future of electronic entertainment at a premium.

If so, godspeed.