Fake Pandora Website Selling Imitation Jewelry, Says Watchdog

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It’s great that you don’t have to leave the couch when shopping for jewelry on the web, but there’s also more concern. The jewelry could be an imitation, and the website you’re browsing could be, too.

The Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland is warning that a fake website marketing jewelry by Pandora is the latest wannabe. Customers who thought they were getting the genuine article from the Baltimore-based company through the website pandorapick.com reported receiving either “cheap imitations from China,” or nothing at all.

The website is “riddled with grammatical errors,” and includes a warning that customers would be charged international fees. BBB CEO Angie Barnett told ABC2 that customers who reported the website got fake jewelry that “turns green, it’s crumbling, it’s falling apart.”

“This is not the Pandora product we’re accustomed to,” she added.

For anyone looking to double-check, the genuine article at Pandora.net has a list of authorized retailers.

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