The famous In-N-Out Burger is coming to Baltimore, but not in the way we would hope.  

The West Coast-based burger joint filed an infringement lawsuit last week in Baltimore against Maryland restaurant Grab-N-Go.  Apparently, the Maryland restaurant’s similar logo, name, and menu could lead to consumer confusion.  Specifically, In-N-Out has a beef with Grab-N-Go’s color schemes and its “Wild Style Burger,” which features two beef patties, lettuce, tomato, pickle, grilled onions and “wild” sauce; In-N-Out has long featured the “Animal Style Burger,” which features all of the same and “special” sauce.  

Grab-N-Go can try to steal In-N-Out’s image, but it can never be as good as the original.  We say In-N-Out should set up shop in Baltimore and then there will be no need for copycats. As it stands, the popular burger joint does not have any restaurants in the eastern United States.