Michael Green, LCSW-C, Director of Upper School Counseling | McDonogh School

Michael Green, LCSW-C, Director of Upper School Counseling at McDonogh School, has a wealth of knowledge in school mental health and counseling services. Prior to joining the McDonogh family in 2018, Michael was a mental health clinician and Program Director with the University of Maryland School Mental Health Program. He provided 16 years of direct mental health care and administrative leadership to students and families within schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. This professional experience allows him unique insight into setting up efficient and effective systems of support within schools. 

What drew you to education?
Throughout my academic journey, I was exposed to many dynamic professionals who were instrumental in shaping and supporting me. I wanted to be one of those professionals who provided hope and guidance to students and families. My many years of experience have solidified my belief that the school setting is the most natural location to educate students about their mental health needs while providing support as well. The school setting is the perfect environment for wide- ranging prevention and early intervention to sustain and improve our students’ academic and general quality of life.

What do you like about your current school?
McDonogh is magnificent! Teachers, administrators, coaches, and parents have the shared goal of supporting the healthy development of the whole student. Since my first day on campus, school leadership has made it clear that Social Emotional Learning (SEL), universal wellness, learning support and counseling services are top priorities. McDonogh has set school-wide goals that reflect these priorities, and the commitment is visible in both words and behaviors in every division.

What do you hope to achieve in your role?
I joke with students that I am “Mr. Hope.” Hope fuels my desire to facilitate systemic change. My ultimate hope is to reduce stigma surrounding mental health and accessing mental health care. The most powerful thing that I have experienced since coming to McDonogh is the sense of community and teamwork. The goal of reducing stigma is not mine alone and has been taken up by our wonderful students, teachers, parents and administrators. As we all move down the road of pandemic recovery, I truly hope that everyone will speak more openly about their mental health and take the steps to get the support that is needed.

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