Inspired Habitat: Beach House Boho

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Inspired Habitat is written by local environmentally-conscious lifestyle website Bambeco, a company committed to advancing a more sustainable world.

Shabby chic is back in a new and different way. Once the hallmark of the cottage style, shabby chic transformed into the uber-hip beach house boho. It’s a casual, easy style that’s elegant and funky at the same time, and by its very nature it’s green.

The look relies on natural fibers, lots of texture and neutral colors offset with pops of color. It’s eclectic and chic, cozy and breezy, and can span almost any tastes. It doesn’t matter if the “beach” is on the ocean, bay, lake or only exists in your dreams. The only real rules? Keep it natural and keep it relaxed – just like a day at the beach.

Paint is your friend…

Opt for no-VOC paints and take the walls, ceiling and trim to a lighter shade of pale. Crisp white is the classic beach house look, but super pale shades of blue or gray work as well. The pale colors will create a uniform backdrop for your furniture and accessories.

Bring on the natural…

From wood floors and driftwood accessories to sisal mats and woven hammocks, bringing out the beach house vibe is all about celebrating nature. Lay down a sustainable sisal, jute or seagrass rug and add in some rustic looking furniture made from reclaimed wood. The natural colors will pop against your pale walls.

Cover it up…

Natural linen slipcovers will bring a breezy elegance to your room. Keep them crisp and tailored for a more formal look, or opt for loose and a little tousled for a more casual approach. Don’t forget to add some accent pillows and a throw, even in summer, nights at the shore can get a little chilly!

The accessories have it…

It’s the little things that really count. Focus in on your beach house theme with the right accessories. A reclaimed wood wall clock in Caribbean colors adds a fun punch of bright color. Add in a reclaimed wood birdhouse to match and bring some color into the neutral space you’ve created.

Whether you choose beachy pastels, Caribbean brights or the more subdued earth tones of a lakeshore cottage, little pops of color will transform your rooms into a warmer, brighter, chicer space.

Create that seashore feel with seashells, antique glass floats and lots of natural, nubby fabrics, or go for a placid lakeshore vibe with lots of wood, rustic accessories and hand-carved wood bowls.

Let it flow…

Soften up your space with fabric. Using billowy, soft curtains adds an airy feel. You can use mosquito netting to drape windows, or even the ceiling to create visual interest and a soft feel.

Light it up…

Make sure to add a hurricane lantern or two, and lots of candles to light up the night at your new beach house.

Whether you are transforming one room of an urban apartment or decorating an entire cottage on the shore, beach house boho is in, and oh-so-eco-friendly!


Sip of Green


Last week on Inspired Habitat, we posted about checking your carbon footprint, and that’s important. Something people don’t hear about as much is checking their nitrogen footprint.

Head over to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Nitrogen Calculator and see how you come up. It only takes a minute.

Why is your nitrogen footprint important?

Nitrogen is essential for life, it makes up 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. But our growing population is releasing way more nitrogen than the environment can handle.

You can lower your nitrogen footprint by making more sustainable choices like driving fewer miles, reducing your electricity usage and opting for a diet low in red meats.

We’ll be posting more about ways to lower both of your footprints, so stay tuned!

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