Inspired Habitat: New and Hot for Fall…Stylish, Sexy and Green!

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We are so excited! Our buyers have been turning up with some amazing new home décor products and the rest of our team has been busy getting them all photographed and up on our site. They’re all eco-friendly, made from recycled, reclaimed or renewable materials and they’re super stylish and sexy! We love these new pieces so much, we thought we’d introduce our readers to a few of them. This is just a taste of some of the great new things we’ve got; more are going up on our site all the time, so be sure to check it out.

Jackson Dining Collection – these pieces are real standouts! The Jackson Dining Collection is constructed from reclaimed elm pulled from the remnants of old homes; you may even see signs of their previous life still on the wood.

Jackson Wall Shelf – we’re really loving this mix of sleek lines and rustic styling. These shelves are also made from reclaimed elm and they’re totally adjustable to suit your needs.

Reclaimed Metal Owl – who’s cool? This guy and his friends! We picked up an entire menagerie of these terrific metal critters that are handcrafted from reclaimed industrial metal drums. The best part? Each one of these guys is unique – the metal still has all the graphics and markings from its former life.

Reclaimed Metal Birdhouse Garden Stakes – these were so cute and so whimsical that we just fell in love. Artisans transform scrap wood left over from carving stair balusters and spindles into miniature decorative birdhouses, then decorate them with bright colors and reclaimed tin roofs.

Honeycomb Shelf – distinctive and different, these shelves are crafted from repurposed furniture production remnants, including teak, oak and mindi. Each shelf is a unique combination of woods, color and grain for a stunning display. We like them alone or in groups.

Takara Console and Settee – beautiful reclaimed elm has been smoothed and left alone, unmarred by any chemical finish. The wood’s natural beauty shines through and will take on personal touches from your home over the years.

New Pillows – we have lots of new pillows, from cotton to linen and wool in neutrals and bright, bold colors. All of them are eco-friendly, super comfy and super stylish.

That’s not all we’ve got. Light up your rooms with our new Jackson Lamps and Takara Lamps, both crafted from reclaimed elm. If you like the look of our Reclaimed Metal Owl, take a look at the Reclaimed Drum Lid Mirror. Artisans take lids from industrial metal drums and finish them out with a round mirror; truly a one-of-a-kind piece.

And there is lots more to come! We’re thrilled with these new pieces, and we know you will be as well. Eco-décor can be cool, stylish and even sexy.

Inspired Habitat is written by local environmentally-conscious lifestyle website Bambeco, a company committed to advancing a more sustainable world.

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