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More than a year before Styrofoam ban is to take effect, vendor for free recycling pulls plug

More than a year before Styrofoam ban is to take effect, vendor for free recycling pulls plug
Photo by Ian Hughes, via Flickr.

More than a year before a recently signed ban on Styrofoam food containers is set to take effect, the vendor that runs a free polystyrene recycling program at the Sisson Street dump will stop offering the service in May, the Department of Public Works announced.

Greenlaurel: Camp Small, once a costly pile, is now a buzzing, zero-waste wood-salvaging initiative

These 20-foot-high piles of wood are just a fraction of Camp Small’s inventory. Photo by Laurel Peltier.

Have you ever noticed that massive wood pile when you drive southbound on I-83, between the Northern Parkway and Cold Spring Lane exits? That “wood dump,” if you will, is actually Baltimore’s Camp Small Zero Waste Initiative, a vital supply of home-grown timber, mulch and firewood logs for the city. And what’s more, those money-making logs are sitting atop some interesting Civil War history.

Greenlaurel: An Updated Guide on How to Donate or Recycle ANYTHING in Baltimore


If you’re downsizing or decluttering, you may have amassed a collection of stuff that you’d rather donate or recycle somewhere locally than send to the landfill. We’ve done the legwork for you below in our updated guide.

Greenlaurel: An Eco-Friendly Paint Pick-Up Service For That ‘Collection’ In Your Garage

Old Paint collected from a residence. Fun painting parties in the 1960s? Photo credit: Lawrence Cheng

Raea Jean Leinster, a decorative painter in the D.C. area, ran into a problem over time that most homeowners face: How do you properly dispose of unused latex paint?

Greenlaurel: You’re Invited! Ideas to Host a Beautiful and Sustainable Party

Using locally grown flora, this arrangement by Baltimore’s Local Color Flowers is stunning. Credit: Stacy Bauer Photography

Gearing up to start planning for holiday entertaining? Consider a few of the sustainably minded party-hosting tips below. From your invitations to party cleanup, small changes can yield greener results while helping you host a fabulous party, all with a nod to our planet.

Greenlaurel: Did you Know you Can Recycle Foam Food Containers in Baltimore City?

Better yet, bring your own mug or container and avoid foam food containers.

Foam food containers and “styrofoam” box packaging seem to be everywhere. If expanded polystyrene (white plastic foamy product sometimes called by the brand name, Styrofoam) isn’t clogging our garbage or our waterways, it’s often littering our streets.

Preservationists Still Hoping to Salvage Some of the Bel-Loc Diner

The Bel-Loc Diner in 2012, via Bel-Loc Diner/Facebook

If Starbucks won’t save the entire Bel-Loc Diner when it builds a new branch at Loch Raven Boulevard and Joppa Road, will it at least salvage the most important pieces?

Maryland’s Oyster Recovery Partnership Hits Record for Recycled Shells in 2016

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Six years in, the Oyster Recovery Partnership’s shell recycling program is a success, thanks in no small part to Maryland’s seafood restaurants.

Oyster Shells Piling Up in City’s Bay-Friendly Recycling Program


Oyster Shells

Who says a spent oyster shell is merely trash? For 10 baby oysters, that shell might be a new house. That’s the inspiration behind an ongoing collaboration between the Baltimore City Department of Public Works and the Oyster Recovery Partnership.

Baltimore, You Can Now Recycle Your Oyster Shells

Photo by Stephan Abel/via Oyster Recovery Project
Photo by Stephan Abel/via Oyster Recovery Project

Recycling isn’t just for newspapers and beer cans anymore.