Well, we’re sad that what seemed like an endless stream of adorable pictures of local kids looking their best has now come to an end. But it was bound to happen. This year’s Little Characters search has concluded. And while we’ll now have to go back to searching YouTube and our own family albums for our daily dose of adorability, we’re pleased to announce the selected kids this year, and to introduce a few of them to the Baltimore Fishbowl community. While there’s no way we could possibly catch up with all of them (trying to sit down and get serious with that many tiny people this late in the school year would be a Herculean task) we did manage to snag some mini-interviews with some of the kids selected for this year’s Little Characters campaign. It wasn’t easy getting to the bottom of such hot button issues as why cheetahs are the best animal and the proper way to eat ramen noodles; but serious journalism requires serious work. And we’re proud to give you the full report below.

We should also mention that you can catch our coverage of all the Little Characters this coming Sunday, June 2nd at a photo shoot at the Palisades of Towson.  So you can get to know some of them here, and by the time you see them on Monday after the photo shoot, you’ll be a certified fan!



BFB: Amanda, [Jett’s mom] where did the photo you submitted come from? Was is a candid shot you already had? Did you do a little photo shoot of your own?

Amanda: The picture submitted was a candid shot taken at Inner Harbor on our way to dinner.

BFB: Jett, what is your child’s favorite color? And what’s your favorite thing to wear?

Jett: Blue.

Amanda: And he loves wearing collared, button down shirts.

Jett: And awesome shoes.

BFB: Well, who doesn’t love wearing “awesome” shoes? And what’s your favorite food? Favorite animal?

Amanda: Jett loves pizza.

Jett:  My favorite animals are dinosaurs.

Amanda: Do they even count?

BFB: Sure! And finally, what are you looking forward to this summer?

Jett: Going to the beach and pool, visiting family and exploring new places!



BFB: Heather, [Camden’s mom] where did this picture of Camden come from?

Heather: The photo that I submitted was a photo that I candidly took one day he was walking down the street in Mount Vernon. He was pulling he backpack and I thought he looked so grown up and so “Camden”.

BFB: Camden, what’s your favorite color?

Camden:  Orange.  

Heather: After all, he was named after Camden Yards (Go O’s)!

BFB: And what’s your favorite thing to wear?

Camden: Jeans.

BFB: Favorite animal?

Camden: Elephants, but I love all animals.

BFB: And favorite thing to do for fun?

Camden:  Riding my scooter through Canton Square with friends and my baby brother.  This summer, I’m looking forward to going on adventures with my family.

Heather: And he’s excited to be one of this year’s little characters because he loves people, loves to wear stylish clothes, and loves to smile for the camera.

*Also, you may notice a resemblance between Camden and another Little Character, Becket Bailey, his little (a little too little to interview) brother!



BFB: So Violet [Chloe’s grandmother], where did the photo you submitted come from?

Violet: The picture was taken at home, just a candid shot.

BFB: Well, it’s a great one! Chloe, what’s your favorite color? And what are your favorite things to wear?

Chloe: Pink and purple. And I love clothes, so I’ll wear anything that I can model in and I love wearing my hair loose (instead of bows and pony tails).

BFB: Awesome! And what’s your favorite food?

Chloe:Turkey Bacon   

BFB: Favorite animal?

Chloe: Hello Kitty, and my dog named Paris.

BFB: What are you looking forward to this summer?

Chloe: Going to Disney Land!

BFB: What makes you excited about being one of this year’s Little Characters?

Violet: Chloe is such a character and has always loved posing for pictures since an infant. She is a little model in her own right and loves clothes and shoes. She has several cameras and thinks that she is a photographer.



BFB: So Sybil [Susanah’s mom], where did the photo you submitted come from?

Sybil: The photo came from the spring break trip to Florida we took right before we heard about the Little Character’s contest. We were on a dolphin boat tour where we had several sightings. In addition to lots of dolphin pictures, the setting was so nice and atmosphere so fun, we got many great family shots. (She’s also wearing a t-shirt we bought at Wee Chic in the pic!)

BFB: Naturally! Now, Susanah, what’s your favorite thing to wear?

Sybil: The dress days are over for every day with her.

Susanah: Right now, I LOVE to create my own outfit choices.  I’m most likely to choose a pair of colored jeans with a fun T-shirt.

Sybil: And many outfit changes during the day is a usual occurrence.

BFB: Favorite food?

Susanah: My dad’s homemade meatballs with pasta. But when we go out, it’s sushi!

BFB: Favorit animal?

Susanah: Giraffe.

BFB: What do you like to do for fun?

Susanah: Play on the playground, especially monkey bars.  Dancing and drawing, too.

Sybil: She also started getting excited about her violin and having a few songs that she can really play.

BFB: What are they looking forward to this summer?

Sybil: Susanah is most looking forward to our annual vacation to Leland, Michigan where she stays with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. While we are there she does lots of fun family activities like swimming, skiing, playing tennis, cooking and enjoying meals with tons of family.

Susanah: And making campfires with s’mores!

BFB: What makes you excited about being one of this year’s Little Characters?

Sybil: Susanah didn’t know about Little Characters until she was chosen. The look on her face when I told her that she would get per picture taken wearing lots of clothes and that we might see her pictures in ads was priceless. The next day she came home and told me that she told all of her friends that she was going to be in magazines. When we went to try clothes on at Wee Chic, she wouldn’t stop asking to try on more clothes and can’t wait to do it more when we get do the shoot.



BFB: So Sarah [Evie’s mom],Where did the photo you submitted come from?

Sarah: I took the photo that I submitted.  It was a candid shot that I took one day after the leaves had fallen on the ground.  I actually have my own photography business, Evie Claire Photography, but this was just a candid.  I loved her sweet little expression.

BFB: Evie, what’s your favorite color?


BFB: And favorite thing to wear?

Evie: Animal dress by Zutano.

Sarah: It’s an 18-24 month size but she loves it so much that now she wears it as a tunic.

BFB: Favorite food?

Evie: Sausage

BFB: Favorite animal?

Evie: Giraffe

BFB: What do you like to do for fun?

Evie: Swim lessons at Martar, and going to the Baltimore Zoo.
BFB: What makes you excited about being one of this year’s Little Characters?

Evie: Meeting new friends and making them laugh.



BFB: So Reyna [Sam’s mom] Where did the photo you submitted come from?

Reyna: The photo of Sam was purely a candid shot taken when my husband was playing around with his DSLR. Sam stepped in front of the lens at the right  moment.

BFB: Does Sam have a favorite thing to wear at this point?

Reyna: Well, I still dress him while I can, because one of these days he will have his own style and won’t let me dress him anymore!

BFB: Does he have a favorite food?

Reyna: Sam’s favorite foods include homemade filipino dishes like chicken and rice porridge (lugaw) and shanghai egg rolls (lumpia).

BFB: What are his favorite things to do for fun?

Reyna: Sam loves the water- whether in a tub, pool, beach or a lake! If it’s wet, he’ll find a way to splash in it! He is learning how to swim at Kid’s First Swim School right now. He also loves music and dancing especially when there are other people dancing too. We watch Dancing with the Stars on TV together.

BFB: What’s he looking forward to this summer?

Reyna: This summer we plan on taking Sam to Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday. It’s a water park (of course!).


Sajel, 4, Lutherville

BFB: So Sajel, where did that great photo come from?

Sajel: From my four year old birthday. Lily gave me an apron and chef’s hat because I love to cook!

BFB: What’s your favorite color? And what is your favorite thing to wear?

Sajel: Blue and green. And I like to wear short sleeves because it’s hot!

BFB: We hear that! What’s your favorite food?

Sajel: Pasta.

BFB: Favorite animal?

Sajel: The cheetah because it runs so fast!

BFB: Obviously. And what are you looking forward to this summer?

 Sajel: I can’t wait to go to the pool and not go to school.

BFB: And what makes you excited about being one of this year’s Little Characters?

Sajel: I feel happy about trying on clothes and getting my picture taken. I will give both my smiles.


Andrew, 6, Perry Hall

BFB: So Ivelina [Andrew’s mom], where did this photo come from?

Ivelina: The photo I submitted I had taken with my phone last August when Andrew was a ring bearer at my brother in law’s wedding. I loved the picture and I thought it would be great to use it for the contest.

BFB: Andrew, what’s your favorite color? And what’s your favorite thing to wear?

Andrew: Blue. And I love wearing shorts and a t-shirt and sneakers that make me run fast.

BFB: Any favorite foods?

Andrew: Ramen noodles. I can eat them everyday. Mommy trieds to make them different sometimes, but I only want them the real way.

BFB: Of course. And what do you like to do for fun?

Andrew: SPORTS! Soccer is my favorite but I love football and basketball too. I love running around and helping  daddy with all the boy kind of projects.

BFB: And what are you looking forward to this summer?

Andrew: Having fun at summer camps and at the family vacation and showing my little sister how to make a sand castle.

Stay tuned next week for pics of the Little Characters Photo shoot-  sure to put a smile on your face and brighten your Monday morning.

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