Iron Rooster Brings All-Day Breakfast, Comfort to Canton

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IMG_2340The rooster is perched, and it’s like morning all day in one corner of Canton Crossing. Iron Rooster is open for business, bringing an Annapolis eatery to Baltimore.

The main attraction here is all-day breakfast. In an era where greasy spoon diners are less numerous than small plate spots, having a spot to grab an omelet or chicken and waffles anytime is a welcome addition to any neighborhood. Breakfast finds its way across the menus here, with a Breakfast Burger for lunch and a benedict for dinner.


As the chicken and waffles may indicate, Iron Rooster also tends toward Southern comfort food offerings. That means plenty of greasy protein, which is okay by us. We were amused to find bacon sitting at a jar on a table when we visited. Soon, shrimp and grits and fried green tomatoes were arriving. Despite the bacon, these dishes indicated that the place wasn’t trying too hard to reinvent the cuisine.


Equally tied up in the restaurant’s offerings is a measure of simplicity. A Watermelon Feta Salad was well executed with only greens and a balsamic reduction-vinaigrette combo added to the elements in the name. Other dishes like chicken pot pie and pot roast, the major indulgences are a homemade biscuit and fried leeks.


The simple stylings also extend to the room itself. The former Farmhouse Grill is a wide-open room with lots of exposed wood and an overall rustic look. The room speaks for itself, without many decorations necessary. The spacious building allows for some luxuries of design. There is room for the bar area is separated from the dining area, and the upper seating area that looks out onto the entire room. From the perch, it’s possible to see the unadorned beams that hold up the ceiling. Near the steps, a painting spells out staples like waffles, honey and grits. They are what they say they are.

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