Is Baltimore’s Angel Investing Scene as Small as it Seems?

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Courtesy of Citybizlist – AngelList, a self-described “badass community of startups and investors,” is becoming a hotbed of investment activity that links dollars and backers with entrepreneurs and innovation.

It’s partly a social media platform, similar to Facebook or LinkedIn, except that it enables startups to create profiles for their companies, seek endorsements, and contact — and ideally line up capital from — potential angel investors.

Likewise, angel investors create profiles to signify what industries, geographies, and amounts they might be willing to invest in. At a minimum, angels should have made two $25K angel investments and plan to make two more $25K investments in the same year.

AngelList’s cannon of angels is a who’s who investors: Marissa Mayer, Brad Feld, Dave McClure, Reid Hoffman, Mark Suster, Tim O’Reilly, Ashton Kutcher (yes, that Ashton Kutcher), etc.

It has over 500 investors in North America along with close to 9,000 startups. On Twitter, it has 20K followers.

In short, AngelList likely represents the type of platform where angel investments are heading, if they’re not already there in many locations.

Baltimore is poorly represented.

Currently, there are a paltry 26 Baltimore-based startups on AngelList, topped by Cellona Therapeutics, gREATESST, College2Startup, and Localist.

Yet even when you expand your search to all of Maryland, it only roughly doubles the number to 54.

In terms of investors that follow and live in Baltimore, there are:

– Dave Troy
– Greg Cangialosi
– Frank Bonsal
– Edward Chalfin
– Austin Kirk
– Tom Loveland
– Bob Dyke
– Jay Steinmetz
– Len Ostroff
– Aviel Rubin

To choose one randomly, according to Cangialosi’s profile, he has made seven investments, in

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