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Baltimore Gets a New Medical Startup Incubator



When it comes to medical technology, Baltimore’s as good a base as you can get — we’ve got all those Johns Hopkins brains, plus an emerging startup scene. DreamIt Health, a company that helps out medically-minded startups, is hoping to harness that energy when it moves to the area early next year.

You May Never Get a Parking Ticket Again, Thanks to this Baltimore-Developed App


Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 10.36.46 AM

Baltimore City publishes its parking citation list online. For most people, the citation roster is just a reminder of how frustrating it is to find one of those ominous neon-green envelopes nestled under your windshield wiper, but for local programmers Shea Frederick and James Schaffer, it was an opportunity.

Goucher Students’ App Name-Checked in the NY Times


Do you ever think about how much better your college experience would’ve been if you’d had an iPhone back then? If a lecture got boring, you could just watch some cute cat videos on YouTube; if an attractive stranger walked in the cafeteria, you could Facebook-stalk him before he finished up at the salad bar. But today’s college students are way more creative than that; they’re developing apps that let students track free food events on campus, find out how full the dining hall is, or locate your next class. When the New York Times recently tracked down the best apps for navigating campus life, and an app developed by students at Goucher, Drexel, and McGill — Involvio — got a prominent mention.

Involvio’s point is simple:  it helps students sort through the often-overwhelming number of parties, events, club activities, and sporting events that are happening on campus at any given time. Involvio’s founder, Ari Winkleman, a Drexel senior, says he got the idea after noticing that “students always feel like they’re missing out. It’s all too common for students to think, ‘There’s probably something better happening than the thing I’m doing right now, I just don’t know about it.” He recruited Goucher alum Evan Siegel and current student Adrianna Edgerly-Moore to help bring the app to Goucher, where 200-plus events are currently listed.

Is Baltimore’s Angel Investing Scene as Small as it Seems?


Courtesy of Citybizlist – AngelList, a self-described “badass community of startups and investors,” is becoming a hotbed of investment activity that links dollars and backers with entrepreneurs and innovation.

It’s partly a social media platform, similar to Facebook or LinkedIn, except that it enables startups to create profiles for their companies, seek endorsements, and contact — and ideally line up capital from — potential angel investors.

Likewise, angel investors create profiles to signify what industries, geographies, and amounts they might be willing to invest in. At a minimum, angels should have made two $25K angel investments and plan to make two more $25K investments in the same year.

AngelList’s cannon of angels is a who’s who investors: Marissa Mayer, Brad Feld, Dave McClure, Reid Hoffman, Mark Suster, Tim O’Reilly, Ashton Kutcher (yes, that Ashton Kutcher), etc.

It has over 500 investors in North America along with close to 9,000 startups. On Twitter, it has 20K followers.

In short, AngelList likely represents the type of platform where angel investments are heading, if they’re not already there in many locations.

Baltimore is poorly represented.

Currently, there are a paltry 26 Baltimore-based startups on AngelList, topped by Cellona Therapeutics, gREATESST, College2Startup, and Localist.

Yet even when you expand your search to all of Maryland, it only roughly doubles the number to 54.

In terms of investors that follow and live in Baltimore, there are:

– Dave Troy
– Greg Cangialosi
– Frank Bonsal
– Edward Chalfin
– Austin Kirk
– Tom Loveland
– Bob Dyke
– Jay Steinmetz
– Len Ostroff
– Aviel Rubin

To choose one randomly, according to Cangialosi’s profile, he has made seven investments, in

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