Baltimore Gets a New Medical Startup Incubator

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When it comes to medical technology, Baltimore’s as good a base as you can get — we’ve got all those Johns Hopkins brains, plus an emerging startup scene. DreamIt Health, a company that helps out medically-minded startups, is hoping to harness that energy when it moves to the area early next year.

“DreamIt Health Baltimore is born of the recognition that Baltimore and the central Maryland region is home to a ton of talent at the intersection of healthcare and information technology,” said Dr. Elliot Menschik, the program’s manager, “yet startups in the region are increasingly leaving to get the help they need in other cities.” Menschik also praised Baltimore for being an underdog city full of talented people “with grit, determination and resilience.”

One major advantage of working in a startup incubator is access to more resources and input than you’d be able to get on your own. Entrepreneurs that pair up with DreamIt will have access to mentors, legal experts, peer input– and, of course, they’ll meet with early-stage investors who might want to get in on the ground floor.

DreamIt, which has been operating outside of Philly, is interested in pairing up with startups that use information technology to address health care issues. Their office will be in Fells Point, and they’ll partner with Hopkins to give startup teams access to the school’s medicine/public health/engineering/business resources. Interested in getting involved? Applications are due November 15.

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  1. And University of Maryland brains as well? The Medical System generates nearly $3.5 billion in economic activity in Maryland. It has 15,000 employees. The UMB campus generated $479.8 million in extramural funding in FY13, much of it medical. Together with JHU this is a terrific place for medical start-ups.

    • Certainly UM (and UMBC, and Towson, etc.) brains as well — the Hopkins mention was mostly because the company has explicit plans to partner with that school, and not (yet!) the others.

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