Is Maryland Ready for Horse Meat?

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On November 18, Congress reversed a decision in 2006 that banned the inspection (and therefore the sale) of horse meat, which is to say the slaughter of horses for meat is now legal in the United States. Of course, there aren’t yet any slaughterhouses processing horses, so for the moment it’s hypothetical.

I know that in the abstract it shouldn’t be any worse than slaughtering cows or pigs or chickens, but there’s really no line of reasoning that can diminish my shock at the thought of eating a horse. A United States in which I could pick up a horseburger at the McDonald’s drive thru, or read in a cookbook the best way to grill a horsesteak is a bizarro one.

And certainly Marylanders won’t stand for this. With our culture of horse riding, racing, and arabbing, I imagine even the more gastronomically adventurous among us might think twice before sampling Seabiscuit’s great-great-grandson.

At least we can expect not to see horseburgers being served at Pimlico any time soon.

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  1. I have no problem with eating horse meat. I am sure that local & fed. Gov. will make sure that safety is formost.

  2. Petition to Mail Members of Congress, Copy and Mail Today

    Open Letter concerning passing American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act HR 2966, and to create Bill to cull all breeding incentives and to create a foal impact fee, and to remove horses from USDA.

    Dear Honorable _____________________________________________,

    It is a disgrace that in 2007, America closed the last horse slaughterhouse, yet we ship over 100,000 to other countries for horrific deaths and have now re-opened the door in America for horse slaughter. Support HR 2966, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.
    And consider this plan to make breeders responsible so over population will cease: Remove horses from USDA list. Cull all breeding incentives and create a foal impact fee. These steps will stop horse over population. Problem solved. Deal with the large population of surplus horses until a balance is created with Grants to veterinarians for euthanasia and to cremators as some areas do not allow horse burial. The expensive will be minimal and brief compared to funding horse slaughter houses and the negative impact on its communities.
    Major horse breeders

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