It’s Illegal to Kill Robins, and Someone Shot 150 in Pikesville

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robinMaryland Natural Resources Police are on the hunt for the Pikesville Poacher.

According to a bulletin released Wednesday, the hunter killed 150 robins in Pikesville last month. The robins were believed to have been killed outside a business on Reisterstown Rd. around Sept. 29.

Unfortunately for this hunter, American robins are a protected species under the federal Migratory Bird Act. Even though the sweet songbirds are widely seen (and heard), lawmakers wanted to make sure we shared their natural habitat. And we’ll note that the orange on their underside makes them look a bit like a certain bird we tend to like around here.

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  1. How did no one realize this was happening? He killed a HUNDRED AND FIFTY? With what? his bare hands? Did no one hear the gunshots? Good grief — please inform us as to the dénouement of this case, FB!!

  2. Anyone who enjoys murdering wildlife is a psychopath and has dangerous tendencies anyway. (Hunters included.)

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