Jerry Seinfeld Rips on Jos. A. Bank, and It’s Hilarious

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Back in October 2013, Hampstead-based Jos. A. Bank made a play to acquire rival Men’s Wearhouse for $2.3 billion. Men’s Wearhouse turned it down. Jos. A. Bank offered to up the price. No go. In November they dropped the bid. Almost immediately, Men’s Wearhouse turned around and offered to acquire Jos. A. Bank for $1.5 billion. Jos. A. Bank rejected the offer. And it has gone on from there.

There’s something undeniably hilarious in the endless corporate back-and-forth, and yet on the surface it’s so tedious and boring. And that’s what makes it perfect fodder for a Jerry Seinfeld joke.

The guy who made it no longer OK for anyone in the world to make a joke about airline peanuts was asked about the endless non-merger during an interview for BuzzFeed Brews. Here are the results:

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