Jimmy Smith Will Likely Not Face Discipline from NFL

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Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith in 2011. Photo by Thibous.

The NFL likely won’t impose any disciplinary measures on Jimmy Smith, the Ravens cornerback who was arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct Saturday night at The Greene Turtle in Towson. That’s the way it looks to the Baltimore Sun, which took into account precedent as well as the NFL personal-conduct policy. It’s just not “a serious enough legal matter” for NFL comissioner Roger Goodell to get involved.

It certainly doesn’t seem like a particularly egregious offense at first blush. Smith allegedly became argumentative when police officers ordered him to leave the women’s restroom where he was tending to an intoxicated woman. But what he said to officers — repeatedly challenging them with “What the f— are you gonna do?” and telling them, “The only reason you arrested me is so you could get on the news” — makes him look like a guy who needs an intervention.

Mike Preston at the Baltimore Sun says Smith and others “aren’t paying attention” to Ravens leadership, who have held meetings with the players about character and conduct. But perhaps they are paying attention; it’s just that they’re paying attention to their salaries and their fan deification.

Smith may have paying attention when the Ravens overlooked his arrest history — which included a third-degree assault charge — when they drafted him in 2011. He also might have noticed more generally that fans rarely find consolation in their players’ personal integrity when their team is losing. The only problem with Smith’s alleged rhetorical question is that it shouldn’t have been directed at police, who probably couldn’t have been less impressed. It would better have been posed to the NFL, to the Ravens organization, and to fans.


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