John Waters’ ‘Female Trouble’ to get the Criterion treatment

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John Waters’ 1974 film “Female Trouble,” about a hell-raising runaway student (Divine) who becomes a model for beauticians that like to photograph women committing crimes, is getting the Criterion Collection treatment this summer.

The expanded Blu-Ray package, due out June 26, features a digital restoration of the movie supervised by Waters, a 2004 audio commentary from the director, a new conversation between the director and journalist Michael Musto, deleted scenes, old outtakes, new and archival interviews with members of the cast and much more.

And like all films released through Criterion, it will have a new, slick package design.

Only one other Waters film, “Multiple Maniacs,” has gotten a deluxe release through the boutique distribution company. The Michael Moore documentary “Bowling For Columbine” and Ingmar Bergman’s “The Virgin Spring” are among the other titles being released by Criterion this June.

Brandon Weigel

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