From Netflix to Tesla, innovative companies are changing the ways we live our daily lives. And each year, Fast Company picks the places that are making the biggest differences in sectors ranging from biotech to entertainment.

This year, the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory made the list “of remarkable organizations that are truly disrupting business-as-usual across the world.” The APL does a lot of cool things, from taking photos of Pluto to developing prosthetic eyes. But Fast Company seems particularly entranced by the lab’s cutting edge work on prosthetic limbs:

Their biggest breakthrough is the Modular Prosthetic Limb, the first prosthetic arm that users can operate by simply thinking about moving. At present, there are only ten arms available, and they cost half a million dollars each to produce. The next step is to work with industry partners to get the limbs to those who need them.

Yep, I’d call that innovative.