Johns Hopkins University

As education costs continue to rise at an alarming rate, universities are looking for ways to cut back on costs. Even Johns Hopkins, one of the most expensive schools in the U.S., is looking for ways to tighten its belt a bit.

The university has announced a number of cost-cutting measures. Most notably, the university informed 41 current employees in administrative positions that their jobs were being eliminated; another 51 current vacancies won’t be filled, and 13 staff members will see their positions “restructured” over the next few years. Hopkins is also cutting back in terms of employee health care benefits and other administrative costs.

The university noted that reductions in federal research funding and increases in federal regulations also contributed to the need to trim budgets. Hopkins spends more on research than any other university in the country.

One reply on “Johns Hopkins Cuts Budgets, Eliminates Staff for 2016”

  1. Lets hope that Johns Hopkins University is never voted in as the top place to work in Baltimore… because it isn’t. Anyone who works at JHU knows that for at least the last five years the work environment has been horrible. Lots of new mid-level administrative positions created, many new people hired, and lots of long-standing employees (with excellent work ethics, excellent performance reviews, and true loyalty to JHU) have been let go, fired, left of their own volition, or retired). It is no longer a shock when someone with years at JHU leaves.

    Very happy to FINALLY see the local media report on this turmoil. There are so many distressing stories behind this seemingly bland announcement of budget cuts.

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