12 replies on “Johns Hopkins Deals with an Identity Crisis”

  1. Thanks for walking us through the multiple iterations and decisions that were made. Nice!

  2. I just don’t like this at all…looks like a logo Kaplan University or University of Phoenix would go for. I think it really make the Hopkins brand seem dumbed down and lacking in the history and tradition.

  3. to the author – were these pictures your own screenshots or were they taken from someone else’s? I think the very last picture is mine hahaha

    1. Here is the video:


      And here is the description of the video:

      “Glenn Bieler, Johns Hopkins’ vice president of communications, explains the university’s new identity initiative and logo in a slide presentation.”

    2. Good point, James — it wasn’t technically the logo, but Bieler does point out that the university seal (which is what’s pictured) was used as a de facto logo on carpets, trash trucks, etc.; it’s now being supplemented by these new logos, and will only have a place on official university papers/diplomas etc. An important clarification!

  4. I don’ like the new logo either. It lacks the beauty and elegance of original seal. As an old research university JHU deserves a more history rich logo. It’s much worse the mono color version of the original seal logo.

  5. I love the direction Hopkins is taking with it’s brand. It’s clean, smart and a strong aesthetic value.

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