This year, 1,929 intrepid souls applied early decision to Johns Hopkins, marking a 3 percent increase over last year as well as the largest-ever early decision applicant pool.

Hopkins accepted just 586 of the applicants for the Class of 2020 (do you feel old yet?). Ninety-two percent of them ranked in the top 10 percent of their graduating class. They also include, according to the Hopkins Hub, “a Korean robotics national champion, the creator of a new recycling system, a three-time national Scrabble champion, an entrepreneur who started an organization to promote bone marrow donations in Turkey, a sports columnist for Rolling Stone magazine, the founder of a project that raises money to build wells in Cambodia, a former Junior Olympic gymnast, a research intern at the Department of Defense, and an aquarium volunteer who taught an octopus how to paint.” Not bad for a group of teenagers!

Hopkins has been breaking its own admissions records every season for the past several years. We’ll find out by April 1, when the rest of the application decisions are made, whether this will continue to be a record-setting year for the university.