Autism is a growing issue:  in 2002, 1 in 150 children was identified as being on the autism spectrum; by 2008, that number had grown to 1 in every 88 children. That’s one reason why the launch of the new Wendy Klag Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is such welcome news.

“Autism and other developmental disabilities are a growing public health concern, and we hope to enhance the public health impact of work across these institutions. Understanding causes and exploring services, policies, and social dynamics are just a few areas of focus,” says Klag Center director Daniele Fallin.

The Wendy Klag who gives the new center its name is the late wife of Michael Klag, the dean of the Bloomberg School. Wendy and Michael raised a daughter with autism, and the couple have long been strong advocates on behalf of the developmentally disabled.

The Bloomberg School will celebrate its new center with a symposium featuring current experts in the field of of autism on October 15.