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‘Food Deserts’ Get New Name, But Still Prevalent in Baltimore

A map of “healthy food priority areas,” formerly called food deserts, from the city’s 2018
Food Environment Report. About 23.5 percent of Baltimore residents live in such areas, the report says.

Baltimore food policy officials have renamed what’s pretty much a household term now to describe a place where families lack nearby healthy food options and live in dire poverty, though the issue still remains a major problem in the city, according to a new report.

Bill Clinton to Speak About Opioid Epidemic at Hopkins Next Week

Bill Clinton in October 2016. Photo by Hayden Schiff, via Wikimedia Commons.

A former president will be in the building on Monday in East Baltimore to talk about American’s worsening and deadly painkiller abuse problem.

Hopkins Taps Veteran Professor to Run Bloomberg School of Public Health

Photo via JHU

After serving on the Johns Hopkins University faculty for the last 38 years, Professor Ellen J. McKenzie will take the helm of the Bloomberg School of Public Health as dean this fall.

Study: Putting One Safe Injection Facility in Baltimore Could Save the City $6 Million Per Year

Photo via WIkimedia Commons

A new study co-authored by Johns Hopkins public health researchers suggests installing one 13-booth safe injection facility for Baltimore’s drug users could save millions of dollars.

Hopkins’ Bloomberg School Offers Full-Ride Scholarships to Two Displaced Syrian Doctors

Courtesy Bloomberg School of Public Health

Two highly skilled Syrian refugees have been offered a home in Baltimore for the next year, courtesy of Johns Hopkins University.

Hopkins Study: Same-Sex Marriage Laws Associated with Drop in Teen Suicide Attempts

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Could the legalization of same-sex marriage have helped to reduce suicide attempts by U.S. high schoolers? A new study by researchers from Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School suggests so.

Hopkins’ Center for Health Security Gets $16 Million for Research

Courtesy Bloomberg School of Public Health

Only a month after the Center for Health Security reintegrated itself into the Johns Hopkins University, the center is set to receive $16 million in funding for research on strengthening public health and security.

HIV Still Disproportionately Hurts Gay Men Worldwide, Hopkins Study Finds



While other populations have seen alarming rises in their HIV rates, gay men still bear the burden of HIV more than other groups worldwide–in part due to discriminatory laws–according to recent research out of Johns Hopkins.

Johns Hopkins-Led Commission Urges Drug Decriminalization



The so-called War on Drugs has had a negative effect on public health, both in the United States and across the globe, according to a report from a public health commission headed up by Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health in partnership with The Lancet.

More Birth Control Means More Sex, Hopkins Study Finds



Contraception helps women avoid unwanted pregnancies–but it has wider benefits, too. Studies have shown that access to contraception improves all sorts of economic and social outcomes. Oh, and according to a new study out of Johns Hopkins, it also leads to more sex.