More Birth Control Means More Sex, Hopkins Study Finds

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Contraception helps women avoid unwanted pregnancies–but it has wider benefits, too. Studies have shown that access to contraception improves all sorts of economic and social outcomes. Oh, and according to a new study out of Johns Hopkins, it also leads to more sex.

The Hopkins study¬†relied on data from health surveys given to more than 210,000 women in 47 countries across the globe, all of whom were either married or cohabiting with a partner. The researchers found that women who reported using contraception were three times more likely to be having regular sexual intercourse than those who didn’t.

As a woman of childbearing age, it’s pretty easy for me to understand why. But if you don’t get it, study leader Suzanne Bell, a doctoral student at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, will spell it out for you: “We want women to have better, healthier, safer sex lives by separating sex from pregnancy and childbearing. Contraception does that.”

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